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home sweet home away from home

beautiful backpack & back-to-school shoesI’m all moved in to my fancy new apartment-style dorm. This may be the only perk of being an upperclassman, but it’s a good one! We (there are 4 of us in my suite) get air conditioning and a nifty little kitchen (with dishwasher!). I’m delighting in the freedom of cooking my own food; a challenge, sure, but I love it. It will become more difficult to keep myself well-fed once the work piles up, but hey, it’s day 3. Not much homework yet.

But I do have some homework today, which is probably why you’re hearing from me. I haven’t had anything to procrastinate from for a whole week plus some! Why blog??

I haven’t been taking enough pictures lately (shame, shame!) and my new camera feels quite neglected. I’ll have to take it for a Cleveland photo walk soon… but for now, here are small snapshots of my new room.

bobbins on the wall
My mini bulletin board full of bobbins on the wall… it makes me happy.

animals (whales!) closet curtain
I bought this curtain at a thrift store simply for the fabric… whales! Then I realized it was the exact size I needed for my closet. Perfect.

I made some windowseat cushions for the boys’ suite… they’re pretty awesome. Photos of those to come next!

what i’m working on


mod pouchesSewing is much, much greater than studying for finals.

I’ve got my last exam, Circuits, on Tuesday, and I feel like I’ve got a good hold of the subject. If I completely destroy this test, I’ll get an A in the class… so I am studying. But sewing is keeping me sane. And it’s a warm, windy, gray day, in need of colors, not math.

I only blog when I’m procrastinating, so it must sound like I never do any work. Well, I do tons of work. Sewing just makes sure I smile sometimes.

I move out on Friday. I’m going to miss my room with my pretty blue walls and my big white ampersand, I’m going to miss my boyfriend like crazy and all my friends, I know eventually I’ll even miss being so insanely busy. But I sure won’t miss the awful light in this room or the entirely unmanageable amount of sewing space. Pros and cons to everywhere, I suppose.

making things

the urge to create
bubbles at the core until,
volcano-like, bursts.


Living in two places makes crafting a challenge; all my zippers and bobbins and favorite fabrics are at school, while here I actually have space to make things. Now the challenge is to make something that doesn’t have a zipper…. never realized that I incorporate zippers into everything!

Or I could just order another huge lot of ’em… zipper buying is always good for the soul.