Category: sleep


remembering to sleep
does good for one’s sanity.
i love my pillows.

fuschia flowers

in a fog

too hot for sleeping
dreams take on lucidity
eyes close without rest

Paris clouds

I only remember my dreams when it’s too hot for sleeping. And now it’s August, too hot for sleeping, so my dreams have been intense and my nights have been restless. This leaves me with lots of coffee and quite a bit of grumpiness today.

I finished four narwhals yesterday (yes!! plush narwhals!!) and added them to my ever-expanding pile of whales and wrist wallets that need photographed. My brain felt like sludge, grumpy sludge, so scouring for a good photographing location was no fun. I gave up, tossing my bin of plush on the couch, and ate some pie.

I stitched up a new Arthur, because their one-of-a-kind-ness and quirkiness always makes me smile. Then, I took a nap.

It’s wonderful how much brighter the world looks after a good nap. ahhhh.

But nope, still don’t feel like photographing the narwhals… I’ll try to get them up for Monday. But, as promised, here is the Ribbon Headband Tutorial! Enjoy!

Fluffyland Ribbon Headband Tutorial