Category: sewing

seam ripper ≠ my friend

sew through frustration
ripping, re-ripping, striving
for perfection…. no.

lots of redos today. tomorrow’s forecast: partly cloudy with a chance of grumbles.

stop sign at night


sew until eyes blur,
back aches, wrists clench, thought dissolves,
and problems vanish.

a sneak peek at some upcoming wrist wallets!

by royal decree

i hereby resolve
better utilization
of my button stash.


I may not have tons and tons of buttons, but I do have enough to be considered a stash, and it’s a lovely one. I think most of them are just too pretty to use! I am aware of the wonderful impact a single button (or several) can have on the design of an item, but somehow never put this awareness into practice. More buttons, starting now.