Category: food

why i love home

pecan pie, cookies,
birthday cake, texas sheetcake,
& costco muffins…

unusual playground view

amish peach pie

our peach pie gave the
bearded amish ladies a
run for their money.

leading fence

While I was way too excited and it smelled way too good to take the time to snap a picture, we made a spectacular peach pie today. I used a butter crust and baked it alone in the oven while a cute boy I know cooked the peaches on the stove (basically following this peach pie recipe). It came out very soupy, but that’s all the better since we had ice cream and homemade whipped cream. Delicious.

cheesecake amazon

the foray into
delicious, delectable
desserts has begun.

love all around statue: spain

Chocolate coconut cheesecake. Currently chilling. Pictures and taste tests to come in tomorrow’s post… don’t get too antsy!