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turtle party time

turtle party

Here is a turtle, wearing a party hat.

turtle party

Because, after seeing this picture of the incredibly festive turtle party, how could I not make a turtle?

turtle party

His party is a bit more low key. But he sure loves his pink party hat.

And yes, this is my much-needed creative space this week.

tiny, tiny narwhal

A few weeks ago, I received an intriguing email. A pair of college students has plans to travel the world someday, and they want their own travel buddy, a “travelocity gnome” of sorts, that they can photograph in all sorts of exotic locations.

A narwhal would be awesome, they thought, but could it be made smaller?

How much smaller? I asked.

They decided they wanted it highly portable and pocket-sized… the rest was up to my discretion.

baby narwhal - click for larger

So pocket-sized it was.

pocket-sized baby narwhal

baby narwhal

baby narwhal

It was really hard to let this little guy go out in the mail. He was really fun, although challenging, to make, and he was just so cute.

baby narwhal made friends with ninja bear

He even made friends with ninja bear!

baby narwhal on the huge couch

And of course I had fun taking pictures of him everywhere.

But, alas, he is meant to travel the world. I can’t keep him away from his dreams!

So thank you, Beth and Tommy, for giving me such a fun project! I’m so glad you like your tiny narwhal friend. Have fun on your adventures!

a new friend

cactus friends

Back to school time, and my little handmade cactus just wasn’t alive enough to make the passing grade. So now she has a new friend, who is desperately in need of a new planting pot.


I’m half packing, half beading, wholly full of Indian food. It’s a good Saturday. And it’s my last Saturday at home! uh oh!