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moleskine giveaway!

orange camera gocco-printed moleskines for sale at samantha snap!

The orange camera printed moleskines that I hinted at ages ago have been listed in Samantha Snap, my etsy shop! They’re a limited edition of 5, so if you want one you’d better snag it quick!

orange camera printed moleskine giveaway!But for you, my dear blog readers, I’m offering an extra special chance for you to win your own camera printed Moleskine. This one I accidentally sent through the Gocco in the opposite direction of all the others… it’s a really awesome print on an absolutely amazing notebook, it’s just facing the other way!

I can’t explain how much I love these notebooks. They’re exactly the right size for musings and doodles and inspirations, and the paper is great quality with lines at just the right height for little thoughts. Plain, they’re perfect… put an orange camera on top and they’re even better than that!

For your chance to win this orange camera printed Moleskine, simply comment on this post before October! (so by 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, September 30… where did September go?)

Now I’m off for a cloudy day full of narwhal sewing! It doesn’t get much better than watching the first clouds of fall from my sewing seat…


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return of the gocco

my creative space: print gocco, paper, paper cutter

print gocco: ready to print an orange cameraNearly one year has passed since my initial endeavor with my beloved Print Gocco PG-5. I’ve been at school, reading about circuits and thermodynamics and differential equations, and my darling Gocco has been sitting in its cute little box, waiting patiently for me to return home.

I’m here, Gocco! Let’s make some awesome prints!, I said.

Okay Sam, I love you!, it replied.

One whole tube of tangerine ink later, I’ve got billions of prints. I severely underestimated the number of papers I could print, so I just started printing everything in sight. I’ve got my screen in a ziploc in the fridge (someone said I could do that) so I won’t have to clean it off. I want to try printing on scrap wood next, we’ll see how that goes. Right now I’m lucky everything in my room is not covered in orange cameras. Or maybe I’m unlucky… because they’re pretty awesome.

Oh, and if you ever try to save leftover gocco ink in something other than the original containers? Keep them in the fridge! They mold like crazy.

(if you ever need help with gocco ink colors, i made some nifty gocco ink charts last year)

And yes, these are all shots of my creative space on this lovely Thursday evening.

print gocco screen: before ink application
Here’s the screen before I used that whole tube of ink on it. It’s an image without full blocks of color, so the ink per print is low, but to cover the whole screen took a whole tube regardless. I’ll be printing orange cameras for life! (i’m okay with that!)


dish rack turned into gocco print drying rack
Here’s my impromptu drying rack: a dish rack we almost got rid of a few days ago. It works wonderfully.


billions of orange camera gocco prints
…I told you I made billions of little orange cameras. They’re so pretty…


my favorites: avocado green, and an orange camera moleskine!
These were my favorite prints of the night: the tangerine camera looks so cute on avocado green paper, and I made an orange camera printed moleskine!

Best part: I didn’t have to clean the screen. Yet. Cleaning gocco screens is by far the most (read: only) terrible part of the gocco production line. They weren’t meant to be reused, but what else are we supposed to do when they don’t make the things anymore? So sad. I love my Gocco. We’re very happy together.

gocco goodness

My dearest Gocco,

gocco ampersand by maraid on etsy

I would like to return to you,

ferris wheel gocco cards by heatherjeany on etsy

to your smelly bulbs,

gocco print cards - trees by bubbledog on etsy

to your sticky, relentlessly finger-dyeing paints,

gocco mustaches by peskimo

to your wonderful easy-but-difficult feeling,

ORANGE ampersand screenprint by nellsmith on etsy

and make some ampersands.


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