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custom-made kobo case with elephants

My lovely roommate is a book-aholic. She is in the middle of at least three books at any given time, but at times that number has skyrocketed to the 6-8 range. It was only appropriate that her mother give her an e-reader for her birthday.

custom-made kobo case with elephantscustom-made kobo case with elephants Now I’m sure I won’t be converting to an e-reader anytime soon… I love going to the library, and I love the feel of real books. But hers, the Kobo, is quite lovely.

To keep it lovely, though, it needed an equally lovely case. As her mother told me, “she’s like me. and i drop things”. My roommate approached me with this request, and chose one of my favorite fabrics: these darling elephants. I’ve never used it because the print is such an awkward size; if I used it for something small, not enough elephants would show up, but i didn’t want to make something huge with it. This was a perfect project for the little guys, so I was happy.

And Kobo is happy, and Hannah is happy. So everything is good around here.

(p.s. don’t forget about the moleskine giveaway! and tell your friends!)

cross it off

boy ipod cases

My creative space this Thursday… boy(ish) ipod cases! Something to cross off the list. It’ll be interesting when I revisit that list in (uh oh!) 4 days…