a birthday pouch for Claire

birthday pouch for claire: paris apartments

My favorite Claire’s birthday was Monday: the big quarter-century. I wanted to celebrate her newfound love of travel: we spent a few days exploring Switzerland together in October, and that was her first transatlantic journey. Now, she’s hooked on traveling (i’m taking the credit for that one), and she’s planning to visit France this fall.

I bought this colorful house print cotton in Germany, so it will always convey a European feel to me. I stitched up a little pouch with a metal zipper, and a leather keyring tab to keep it classy. It’s impossible to have too many little pouches, especially on adventures. Keeping track of receipts, ticket stubs, all those coins, currywurst forks that you can’t bear to throw away… I clearly require a pile of zipper pouches at all times.

birthday pouch for claire: paris apartments

Happy Birthday Claire! So glad I could celebrate with you. And have a wonderful weekend, dear readers!

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