snapshots of goings-on

meyer lemon tree and yellow lamp

I love saving pictures of places I’ve lived, especially unedited, lived-in pictures: I love being able to transport myself back to that moment. For my future nostalgia, and your present enjoyment, here are some still-lifes of my apartment on Wednesday afternoon, when it was slightly cluttered and filled with the bright kind of cloudy light.

My lemon tree is thriving, continuing to produce new buds and blooms even as the oldest flowers are dropping petals to the floor. Petals on the floor are great news: petals on the floor mean more lemons. Aunt Jeanie requested a full-height picture of her, so here she is: currently 23″ tall from the crown of the soil to the tip of her tallest leaf.

My least attractive piece of decor is my millionth attempt at growing an avocado plant from a pit. Someday I’ll get one to sprout.

Also featured in this photo: a bin full of tulle, an abandoned foot-long scarf, and the beginnings of a small jungle of parsley (unfortunately the parsley can’t yet peek over the container).

coffee table plants, button rug

My coffee table is prime plant real estate due to its proximity to the window. Orange star flowers, two containers of freshly-planted cilantro, and a tiny jade plant cutting (a thoughtful gift from a thoughtful coworker) grace my space.

Also featured in this photo: a spare comb from veil-making, a delightful olive-lid pyrex, and my March Madness bracket with its corresponding marking tools. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot more red–pen-crossouts than highlighter-highlights. I like to think it’s keeping the table balanced: if my plants thrive, it’s fine if my bracket perishes.

sewing room bookshelf

The tiny bookcase has evolved until it is now both more and less organized than during the original sewing room tour. Lots of stacked bins make everything easily accessible, and I’m especially fond of my Pyrex full of camera lenses and accessories.

Also featured in this photo: a tiny painting made Saturday, when I had the urge to swish paint around (i don’t love the outcome, but it was so fun to do); tiny orange-and-white twine-like trim that’s begging to accent a great project; the only photobooth strip of Brad and me: a true gem.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    This is a great idea. I always am taking pictures of specific things for specific reasons. I should take more “just because” pictures – it’s not like I have to pay for film or printing or take up space with albums!

    For what it’s worth, I have an avocado tree (actually two, in the same pot) and I didn’t do any toothpick Sputniks to start it. I just cleaned off three pits and buried them in a pot. Took a while but all three sprouted. One later died, but given that the other two are both with me twelve years later I think it’s still a good ratio.

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