wiwo wednesday: white and lacy

garter sewing DIY

My best friend Katie’s wedding is coming up soon… as in, one month from now soon. Katie, don’t faint when you read this!

I can’t imagine a friend of mine getting married without my having the opportunity to contribute my crafty skillset; I’m so, so glad I get to be a part of The Big Day. I’ve been stitching up all sorts of white lacy things. Everything came together very quickly… wedding sewing has proven itself to be pretty simple, and going DIY on a few key items can save a ton of money! I’ll be posting a tutorial or two after the wedding, so stay tuned.

veil sewing DIY

One month to go, K&J: you’re almost there!

Marie started wiwo wednesday: What I’m Working On. I try and join her as often as I can to give you a peek into my creative process and my works-in-progress. See all my wiwo wednesday posts here.

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