vintage buttons, in every color and shape

floor covered in vintage button cards

Following my brief burst of fame, I received many charming comments. They ran the gamut from nostalgic women recalling the era of the first gum wrapper chains, to teens excited to try a new craft with their friends. And, of course, the occasional dissenter, like the person who said “you have gross fingazz”. I deleted that one (i like to think i just have the hands of a crafter).

And of course, there are always those people on each edge of the spectrum. The ones who will attempt to bring down someone they don’t even know; and the ones who will do the very opposite. Who will lift up and inspire a random stranger because they can.

And that was Lenore. She browsed my site, and somehow (i can’t imagine how ;) ) ascertained that I had a penchant for buttons. She had inherited quite a collection of vintage buttons, and she decided to share them with me. Oh, how lucky!

vintage button cards - greens

I received a glorious package, a large padded envelope filled to the brim with buttons and more buttons. I covered my floor, as you can see in the first picture, and left them out there for three whole days, just looking. Each time, a different set caught my eye. They are all incredible.

vintage button cards - swagger pearls, styled pearls, and standard pearls

Of course, my favorites are the decorative cards. These make me laugh – who would choose the “standard” pearls when they could be stylish? Or have swagger?

vintage button cards - shapes and swirls

So many colors and shapes, from so long ago. I will use them well; I will display them and cherish them well. I dream of having a wall in my future sewing room
that I can cover in button cards: the greatest wallpaper ever.

vintage button cards - gray & pink

Ultimately, the buttons have inspired me, and will continue to inspire me. I can’t wait to start on some button projects. But what inspired me most is Lenore – I hope that I can live with such generosity of spirit. Thank you! They are beautiful.

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  1. Cathy says:

    I love vintage buttons as well and I guess to be honest, I just love buttons whether vintage or not! I understand your fascination with them! I bought many pounds off eBay recently. Some have been gorgeous and some are just used! :)

    I’m glad you didn’t publicize the hurtful comments. Some people just aren’t happy without making others feel bad. That’s not why we craft or sew. Most times, I find others on the sewing forums or blogs to be helpful and supportive and it’s unusual to find otherwise. When we do find them, we can’t give them the time of day!

    Love your buttons and I think they would make wonderful wall paper too! :)

  2. Marie says:

    Those buttons are gorgeous! The swagger pearls made me laugh :) My mom has a huuuge vintage button collection; I’m secretly dreaming of a huge jar full of buttons where I can dig my hand in – I love the feeling of cold buttons on my hands lol.
    I’m not sure why there are people out there who think it’s fun to leave hurtful comments on other people’s blogs, but I’d just ignore(/delete) them. I like to think that the majority of people who are part of the blog wonderland are nice and decent people who are supportive and encouraging… at least that has been my experience so far :)

  3. Lisa O. says:

    Hello, I just happened upon your site while searching for crafts with buttons. I am 44 and have been fascinated with buttons since I was a very, very young girl. My grandma kept her buttons in a tackle box, I would play with them for hours, they were my treasure. :) I have collected buttons for years. My other grandmother has given me containers with several matching buttons so I am looking for different crafts. Many are clear daisy’s and rose buds. I’m glad to see there are others like me out there! :)

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