happy papa day!

guinness soccer toucan

Happy Father’s Day to the best Papa in the whole world!

I hope you get to watch some good soccer and drink a good beer. Wish I could be there!

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  1. Lenore Levine says:

    Sam . . . . I was so moved by your lovely photos of the buttons and your mention of my name. The woman, Bea Wolf to whom these buttons belonged lived in Pennsylvania and was born about 1913. She died at about 94 years of age.
    I found these button cards in her unfininshed basement in a worn corrugated box. She was very artsy like you and painted until she was 90. Thank you so much for your beautiful hand written note to me and your check for the postage. If you ever do wallpaper a room in these buttons, email me and I will send you all the rest of the collection to complete your project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep in touch. You are a remarkable young woman who will be famous and successful in whatever path you take in life.. . . . .
    With admiration, Lenore

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