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yellow chairs & turquoise walls

For awhile, Google Reader Explore was my go-to internet browsing station. I’d read all sorts of blog entries, gathering inspiration for sewing, photographing, crafting, baking, and more. My mind would spin restlessly and yet, in the chair I’d sit, soaking up as much knowledge as I could hold.

yellow - vintage by color by hilda grahnat

I’ve been trying to stray from that endless pit of blog entries, despite its enticing promises of new inspirations and ideas. Now, my go-to source is pinterest.

trim - a sewn print by tastesorangey on etsy

I browse through image after image, pinning some to my own boards and collecting new pins from all over the internet. In the end, I’ve got these pages of pictures that get me going, back into a colorful mood.

thread spool heart by papersparrow on flickr

(i knew i bought that bag full of tiny vintage thread spools for something.)

It’s a wonderful idea and a great place to store all those pictures along with their reference pages.

An excellent resource I found recently is Tineye, a reverse image search engine. If you have an image on your computer, or find a poorly credited image somewhere on the web, you can either upload it or insert the URL, and Tineye will find every instance of that image that it can. It’s awesome for making sure you’re giving credit where credit’s due.

tulip fields in holland

Now I’ve got plans to paint my desk, stain & upholster the chair I salvaged from the dumpster, and make a heart out of old thread spools. Now if only the temperatures would rise enough for me to work in the garage…

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  1. Does that mean that I could search for one of my photos and see if it’s being used anywhere?

    • Sam says:

      yes! i’m not sure how closely it can match… i think it can find the photo still if it’s been resized, but perhaps not if it’s been cropped, colors adjusted, or text added. but it’s so nifty :)

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