a daily reminder

my mirror message: "thank you, God, for this morning and this day."

I know, without a doubt, that I am a morning person. This knowledge stems, first and foremost, from the fact that I am certainly not a night person… my brain shuts down soon after the sun sets, and my eyes are soon to follow. But mornings, once I’m out of bed, aren’t really an issue. It’s wonderful to embrace the day, to walk into each dawn of life with my head high.

Good morning! is my favorite greeting. I love to say good morning because it’s so simple and so universal. You can wish anyone a good morning, strangers and friends alike. And if you say it cheerfully enough, you can hope to actually make the words true for the recipient.

But lately, mornings haven’t been so great. It’s January, and it’s dark and cold. It’s hard to get my feet out of the blankets and onto the cold tile floor. It’s hard to embrace the cold days, to smile at the harsh winds. It’s hard to acknowledge the goodness of the morning, much less proclaim it to those I pass.

But what’s a morning person to do without her joyful mornings? What can I savor about the day if I don’t start it with a hope-filled heart?

So I’ve made myself a reminder. Just some stickers on my mirror, but they spell out a prayer and a hope and a message for myself each and every morning: “thank you, God, for this morning and this day.”

my mirror message: "thank you, God, for this morning and this day."

Because it’s so easy to forget. And it’s so much better to remember.

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  1. Aunt ss says:

    LOVE it!!!

  2. hanna says:

    oh such a cute blog. :’)

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