the best hugs

time with family
fills my hug quota to the
maximum. i’m whole.

handmade polka dot mug i made in ceramics class!

This is my mug that came out of the kiln on Thursday in my ceramics class. I’m so pleased with how it turned out – the inside is sunny and bright, and the outside is so cute and fun.

handmade whale zipper pouchFor my fifth thing made out of clay (and the other four were just little practice pots), I’m way proud of it. It’s fully functional and it’s so exciting to be able to use something so pretty! Sorry for the not-so-great picture… I took it last minute as I was leaving my dorm yesterday afternoon. It looks even cuter in real life!

I got home for spring break last night, and it’s so nice to be home. I’m feeling quite ambitious; I get a whole week to myself, and I’m planning some great craft projects as well as trips to my favorite adventure sites: the thrift store and the library. Oh yes, I live life on the edge.

It’s nice to be around my family, and it’s nice to have time just to myself. Not to mention a break from all that engineering work.. hehe.

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