no more counting

snowy snowy snow
blanketing the ground in white
a new, fresh, clean world.

handmade ipod pouches
Day 13… not too far in, especially since I’m going for 365, but today seems as good a day as any to stop counting in the subject line because it’s getting old.

It’s been snowing like crazy since we got here on Sunday. We have a good ten inches, if not more, and it still hasn’t stopped for more than a few hours at a time. It’s one of those days where it would be so cozy to just sit inside and sew… but nope, I had to walk to class. Today’s snow was more angry snow – thick, heavy flakes and wind that magically blew at your neck regardless of the direction in which you were walking. But I still love it.

handmade ipod pouches

However, now that I’m back in my room (and fully exhausted from trekking through the snow) I have promised myself that I will finish my homework before sewing. I have one math problem left, some SAGES reading, and reading from the physics textbook that hasn’t come in the mail yet. But my day hasn’t been a bad one since, although I had to wake up before 7, I got to play with clay for 2 hours in my ceramics class. It was wonderful.

handmade ipod pouches

These iPod cases are the ones i made for myself and my roommate Hannah. They fit the most recent iPod Classic (and most of the older ones as well), and my iPod Touch. The pattern could be modified to fit a Nano. They have a separate headphone pocket, a velcro strap closure, and cozy polarfleece lining. I think I’ve finally come up with the perfect pattern, and I’ve cut out a bunch… hopefully they’ll get thrown together sometime in the next couple weeks.

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  1. Kiera R. says:

    can we buy these from you because i would love one for my i pod!?!?!?!? please email me an answer and if so a price

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