i gocco-ed!

sleepy, drooping eyes
the computer looks so bright
i think it’s bedtime.

gocco whale, all inky

I made my screen, printed about 30 little whales spouting hearts, then spent a good hour or so cleaning the screen! I definitely understand now why everyone hates cleaning the screens so much… no fun, and I made quite a mess. But the printing was so much fun! I’m hooked. (and of course, my first print was a whale.)

I’m always nervous to jump into things like this… especially with about $10 cost per screen, messing up is just so unacceptable! But for today I let myself have this one as a ‘practice’, and luckily it turned out great. They’re all a bit more “spongy” looking than I had expected, but I also made a design with a huge ink blob of printing area. I think in the future I’ll stick to more defined lines.

gocco whale print cards!

I still have ink all over my hands and I’m super tired, so I’ve been rubbing my eyes.. which of course has made them itchier. Wouldn’t be surprised if my eyes are bluer than usual in the morning.
(and of course i’m totally joking – i don’t think i actually got ink in my eyes.)

And my sewing lesson went wonderfully! We both had lots of fun, and she made some cute stuff: a pillowcase and a little zipper pouch. Tomorrow she’s going to work on a tote. I’m excited. I was very, very nervous this morning. And everything was fine. :)

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4 Responses

  1. M says:

    Thanks for coming by and adding a caption. Please feel free to stop by again. By the way, I love these notecards – how creative! :) M

  2. Erin says:

    Those prints really look fabulous! So cute. I’m glad you are enjoying your new toy (heh).

  3. Christine says:

    I love these prints! Beautiful. Wow – this may get me hooked on another crafting endeavor, oh no!

    • Sam says:

      yeah, i was worried… i really can’t keep expanding my craft horizons because i already have so many things i want/need to make and finish! but it’s fun…

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