home again

i think we travel
to remember how it feels
to come home again.

because it feels really nice.

lamppost at disneyland paris

We landed at 7pm last night (1am france time) and it’s nice to be home. The clock hasn’t quite caught up with me yet, because I woke up at 7 this morning completely voluntarily. That’s not normal. But I’ve got over 1,200 pictures to sort through and a travel journal to finish, fabric to wash and stuff to put away… so the extra morning time was appreciated. My dad and I also mixed up a cheesecake and threw it in the oven! Since apparently we didn’t eat enough sweets on our at-least-twice-daily bakery runs.

I put some thought into the haikus that I missed while I was away; and yes, I will be writing those. I’ve got pictures from each day, so I’ll stick a few in each post. They’ll be backdated, which means they won’t be read as much, but it’ll be fun.

It’s nice to be home.

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