from our home to yours

yard saling excuse:
today i did a favor
for lots of people.

yard sale score!

The cool (a relative term), rainy day yesterday yielded the perfect opportunity to gather and reorganize all my shop inventory. After hauling everything to school and back, it was all mixed up… pouches with whales and mousies with wristlets. What a mess. And I found a bunch of things that I meant to list some time ago, but somehow never got onto the site… so take a peek because there are a few “new” things up!

With pouches now in separate bins from plushies and everything tagged and sorted, I feel much more in control. I’m hoping to get everything super organized before leaving for school (less than a month!) so that things can almost run themselves once I’m too busy.

oreo cheesecake with chocolate ganache topping

The cheesecake was delicious. Good stuff.

And this morning I made the ultimate yard sale find: a huge bag of fabric for $5. Filled to the brim, mostly home decor samples… very small pieces, but I’ve been making lots of very small things lately. My day is made; I feel invincible.

Still typing away on vacation posts and accompanying pictures, so keep checking back because they’ll show up underneath new posts!

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