New Layout

So, what’s great about the new layout?
1. the header image.. yes it took awhile and i like it a lot.. it actually shows what you will find when you look around here! yay!
2. the background.. courtesy of squidfingers.. i colorized one they made. thanks!
3. tutorials coming.. on starburst wrapper bracelets, and maybe some plushie patterns in the future

ok so, more planned.. look forward to it! :D

things i love:
♥ going to starbucks in the middle of in-car driving.. how cool is that?
♥ my bracelet glows in the dark!!
♥ finally breaking through the wordpress coding
♥ that great smell after spring rain

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  1. Michelle says:

    Wheee, I was going to ask you how to make the starburst wrapper bracelets! The layout looks great. :D

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