ruffly ruffles and frilly frills


Today I experimented with my mom’s ruffler, which had never even been opened. After finally figuring out how to hook it on the machine, I did a few experiment ruffles:

experiment rufflesThey curled in circles because they were gathered so tight.. I adjusted it later. Then I made the ruffle for the bottom of the “sewing apron” pictured above. A sewing apron is for carrying scissors and such as you work, and I’m planning on selling them in my shop. This is the beginning of the first! :) Notice the cute measuring tape fabric?

ipod case Friday night, I decided to make an ipod case.. how’d it turn out? It will be for sale soon, I’m just in a rush right now so I can’t add it to the shop yet. It has a little extra pocket on the inside, too, for headphones!

Is that button not the cutest one you’ve ever seen? Honestly, it was hard to part with.. one of those things you never want to use because you want to keep it forever.. but I’ll survive. :) It complements the fabric perfectly, though! I love ice cream!

I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing holiday weekend.. hang on everybody, summer’s almost here!

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  1. Michelle says:

    That iPod case is awesome! Is it for a regular iPod? I bought a Creative Zen Microphoto today and it’s smaller. That fabric looks a lot like the lining of a purse I bought at Target last year. That button looks great with it!

    Summer is already here for me. ;D

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