a tale of bunnies and owls

bunny pouch and striped pouch

I am in love with this bunny fabric. Not quite as much as the charizard fabric (i finished my PJ pants!! THEY ARE AMAZING!) but it is so cute! It matches this striped fabric perfectly, they were printed in a set/collection of fabrics.. so I made another set of mix and match pouches. The bunny one is lined with stripes, and the striped one is lined with bunnies. These zippers are treating me well.. I can find some to perfectly match every fabric!

The last two days have been steady rain.. not steady in amount, because it sprinkles for an hour and then pours for two. But it is steady because it hasn’t stopped! It’s very nice and relaxing to hear it sprinkling away, and when it pours we all race to the windows to see the small river developing in the backyard. But it’s getting slightly irritating because I can’t take good pictures without sunlight! I also misplaced my camera, from Sunday until 30 minutes ago.. but that’s beside the point.

Today I made two pouches, cut out a purse (more bunny fabric!! and stripes!!), made a pair of PJ pants start to finish, and beat Sims 2 on my PSP. yay :)

I’m starting to pack.. Thursday night I’m sleeping over at my best friend’s house, because Friday morning bright and early I’m going with her family to South Carolina for ten days! I know you’ll all miss me.. but I’ll take some pictures! And I might bring some funny bunny pieces to stitch together during relaxing time, who knows. Sam with 10 sewing-less days… that might get scary!

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  1. Laura says:

    I love the bunnies too! Your pouches are great! Your zippers look good too! Now if only I could get a zipper to look that good!

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