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cart full of fabric GIVEAWAY WEEK: day 4

cart full of fabric: GIVEAWAY WEEK! @ fluffyland craft & sewing blog

Can you believe it’s already day 4? I could give away fabric all year, I’m having so much fun with this!

What’s Today’s Fabric Look Like?

day 4 of fabric giveaway week: fun pink fabrics!

The large fabric in this set is a really funny & unique pink lycra with holes. It’s almost like a mesh, but it’s super stretchy! I feel like it could make a great costume of some sort or add a nice touch to an aquatic themed stuffed animal… who knows! There’s over a yard here, and it’s very wide, so lots of options.

The other two are cottons, a little less than half a yard apiece, and the black butterfly fabric has sequin embroidery!

How do I enter?

1. You receive 1 name in the hat for a comment on today’s giveaway post. Say whatever you’d like – if you’re lost for ideas, think of something you could make with today’s fabric!

2. You receive 1 additional name in the hat for mentioning this giveaway on your blog (and tell me in your comment!) I have made some buttons below to help you out in this endeavor!

*My apologies, but I cannot ship packages outside the United States in this giveaway!*

cart full of fabric: GIVEAWAY WEEK! @ fluffyland craft & sewing blog

cart full of fabric: GIVEAWAY WEEK! @ fluffyland craft & sewing blog

Enjoy, good luck, and come back tomorrow for more!

Each day’s entry will be open from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST. The winner for each day will be announced and contacted the following morning, and if you’re the lucky one, you’ll be sent a package full of fabric goodness!

working the assembly line

I love working assembly-line style.

piles of bellies

I love cutting out piles of pieces, stacking them ever higher, envisioning the army of plush these flat shapes will become.

fleece scraps

I love plowing through the fabric, breaking down its giant, foldable self into useful elements.

sewing tusks

I love the confidence it takes to start a project of this magnitude.
I love thinking about the work ahead of me, realizing how many more hours it will take to turn these into their 3D selves.

It’s just so fun to start out on something brand new.

And I can’t wait to share them with you.

the beastie!

At the end of September, I received a delightful email request from Collyn (pronounced Colleen) in Canada. She and her best friend came up with a small creature, nicknamed “The Beastie”. In her words, “this furry creature is a symbol of all the wonder and amazement over the small experiences in life that only children and kids could feel”. Since they attend separate universities now, they send letters back and forth to each other (because snail mail is awesome!) and they often doodle the little guy on notes and such.

For Christmas*, she decided a plush beastie would be the absolute perfect gift for her friend. Of course, I was absolutely flattered to be chosen for the challenge.

She sent me a few scanned doodles, along with his preferred color: gray with pink and yellow accents. I spent a few weeks hunting down the most perfectly soft fur I could find, and then it was sewing time.

from this... (doodles of the beastie)

...to this. (the finished, super huggable beastie.)

From the tips of his stripey horns to the bottom of his soft belly, it sure was hard to let him go! I’d forgotten how much I absolutely love fleece applique, how fun it is to sew on little details and make sure everything is exactly perfect. I hadn’t done anything of the sort since Bloo, or the goomba before him. I’d forgotten that, even though I can’t draw, I can make anything as long as I’ve got some scissors. This was a great stretching project for me, a great creative exercise.

the beastie!

But of course, above all, it felt so good to be able to give these friends a real, soft, huggable beastie.

*side note… she asked me to start on a Christmas present in september! so awesome! it’s nice to know there are people in the world who know how long things can take :)