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a day of fame: starburst wrappers in the news

Starburst Prom ArticleYesterday, Yahoo News covered the story of a teenage girl in Michigan who made the bodice of her prom dress out of Starburst wrappers.

It’s a neat dress: the bodice is rows of folded Starbursts, like lots of chains done in the same manner as my bracelet tutorial. But to keep it from being paper-overload, the skirt is made of a flowy fabric with just a few wrappers attached here and there: they almost look like flowers. I think it was well-executed, and I love it when other creative people get to be in the spotlight for doing awesome things. And while the concept of an alternative prom dress never appealed to me, mostly due to the potential discomfort and dancing difficulties, I can’t say I never dabbled in Starburst fashion.

But the real reason this article caught my attention… is that they linked to me! Fluffyland made Yahoo News!

Starburst Prom Article - Fluffyland link!

You can read the original article here. How exciting! Hopefully my site doesn’t explode – there have been lots of visitors around here in the past day!
If you’re new, welcome, and stick around: summer’s coming, and that’s always when the blog’s at its finest!