the doors of deutschland

doors of deutschland - berlin

At our end-of-semester photography critique, the guest critic asked me, “what’s with the doors?” While I still don’t think there’s any deep, artistic or poetic meaning behind my love for doors, I can’t say I’m not compelled to photograph them. They’re all so different and so special.

doors of deutschland - berlin

Like the turquoise doors I found in Berlin, intricately designed and painted with fun colors.

doors of deutschland - hamburg

Or the green door in Hamburg, celebrating its proximity to the harbor…

doors of deutschland - bremen

…or the one in Bremen, playing beautifully with its building’s orange walls.

doors of deutschland - berlin

Even a gray door managed to look exotic due to some clever architectural shaping. (and i do love gray.)

doors of deutschland - hamburg

And I think this gorgeous wooden door is the one I’d be happiest to walk through every day!
The letter slot, labeled “BRIEFE”, makes me smile… Briefe means “letters” so it’s entirely ordinary, but I’m always thrilled when I know words without thinking.

doors of deutschland - berlin

Of course, Berlin is renowned for its plethora of graffiti, and these doors certainly didn’t escape.

doors of deutschland - berlin

But when the colors contrast so vividly, one can’t help but begin to consider the graffiti tag as a form of art.
Really… I’m loving the aqua + sea green + tomato soup color scheme here.

And despite my love for my camera, I didn’t take a million pictures on this trip. For once, I let my eyes do the exploring without a viewfinder. It felt good. But I’m glad I have my doors, and my subway tiles, and pictures of all the delicious snacks I ate. It was a wonderful adventure. There are still a few more Germany tales to be told but I promise, we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon. I have so many projects to share with you!

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  1. March 10, 2015

    […] through photos and noticed that, as ever, I am consistently drawn to doors. Whether it’s the doors of deutschland or Cleveland meets Boston, doors are my favorite because they have so much character. A quick trip […]

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