getting back in the swing

Das letzte Semester, my final semester, began on Monday. I’m excited about my third German class, hopeful about my senior engineering capstone, but trepidatious about the not one, but two independent study photography courses required to complete my minor.

Choosing a subject of photographic study is overwhelming. The options are limitless, but each has flaws: what if there won’t be enough variety? what if there will be too much variety? what if i get sick of it? what if it’s too specific and doesn’t work with my schedule, the weather, the seasons, my location?

I’ve been thinking about it too much. My topics are due soon… so today I decided to relax. Stop thinking about it.

coffee cup

When I stopped thinking, I could see the light on Brad’s coffee cup.

fabric and photography books from the library

And I hauled an enormous stack of gorgeous books, photography and a few textiles, home from the library.

I’m letting the outside tell me what I should do, and it’s a lot easier to hear it now that I’ve stopped my inner brain from shouting.

It’s time to refocus my photography eyes.

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  1. Pops says:

    Grampa has to be excited by your interest in photography – he has always enjoyed it as a personal favorite hobby! And not just a hobby of the ‘I like to take pictures…’ variety. I mean hobby as in special camera (Rolleiflex) and a specialty enlarger for the darkroom. He even won a couple photography contests!

  1. May 5, 2013

    […] had difficulty choosing subject matter for my black & white study (i posted about it back in January) but finally decided on hands/body language/gestures. My intent was to capture the many things we […]

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