crafty desktop wallpapers: vintage buttons

I mentioned in another button-filled post that I would love to wallpaper a portion of my future studio with button cards. I think it would be super: a half-wall, maybe, or even a border around the ceiling. I try and use buttons in my projects, but some are just too pretty to be used.

However, there is one way to display my buttons and still use them later: desktop wallpaper! I can be surrounded by my favorite pretty buttons, and they’re free to use on my next project.

So I’ve made up a few crafty desktop backgrounds, and of course buttons as pretty as these are best shared! Enjoy!

vintage button desktop wallpaper

1024×768 · 1280×1024 · 1280×800 · 1920×1080

vintage button desktop wallpaper

1024×768 · 1280×1024 · 1280×800 · 1920×1080

Check back because there will certainly be more to come! Unless, of course, I get tired of playing with buttons…

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  1. Tired of playing with buttons? Heaven forbid! ;) Hee hee! I’m rather addicted to buttons, myself. I’ve always loved them, and now I make them! So, I guess I’m a bit biased. there’s just something about those tiny little gems of cuteness that endear them to me. I wish I could inherit my grandmother’s button jar, but I don’t know if it’ll happen. :(


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