enter the chill

fiery leaves on a brilliant blue

We Clevelanders were spoiled at the beginning of the month with a blissfully sunny and almost-warm November. We had seven sunny days in a row… seven! Hear that, Los Angeles? We’re catching up!

that brilliant blue sky.

I readily soaked it up, propelled by the voice in the back of my head whispering, it won’t last. My camera and I saved it all, especially my favorite part: the orange leaves against the brilliant blue sky. I could spend all day staring up at those trees, their leaves artistically splayed against the perfect backdrop. I willingly accepted the stares from passersby as I stopped to look at the trees in their splendor, because they were worth it. Those trees.

Walking early to class with my camera makes everything better. Even with mountains of classwork to move, and no bulldozer, just a small shovel to pick at it scoop by scoop… the sky, and my camera, and the trees, save me.

Fall is my favorite season for a multitude of reasons. Not only do the leaves change, providing a beautiful (and delightfully crunchy) walk to class, but I get to wear flannel, and scarves, and my glittens (as i’ve recently heard these called). I’ve also finally found the perfect hot chocolate: Stephen’s Dark Hot Chocolate, available in super-bulk at Amazon. It sounds like a lot, really. But for a college student walking back and forth to class in Cleveland… those six canisters might not even last me through the winter. It’s amazing stuff.

Another plus? Pie. Pretty soon I’ll be feverishly baking pies on a daily basis, and my suitemates won’t be able to stop me.

sam likes flannelFall has so many positive attributes that, when combined, just barely overcome the major downside: winter’s next.

Thank goodness I’ve still got five canisters of hot chocolate left.

narwhal pumpkin by Joshua

One last joyful thing: I have received one of the ultimate honors of the internet, in my opinion: the chance to serve as someone else’s inspiration. Joshua, a 12-year-old boy with a really great blog, carved a narwhal jack-o-lantern after being inspired by my narwhal plush. My week has been made. You should definitely stop by his blog – it’s got wonderful posts about his pets and his sisters, with better writing than a good handful of my engineering classmates.

I hope you’re all having a chilly but cheery November, with even more hot chocolate and pie than me – and lots fewer lab reports and quizzes on complex math! Procrastination time is now over.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Thank you so much for linking! I really love your blog/narwhals/whales, so it was really cool to have you link to my blog. Thanks again! :)

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