enlightening messes

blue vintage buttons & rabbit fabric

inspiration comes from funny places sometimes. this is why, every once in awhile, it’s okay to not put your materials back right away. because if your fabric is hiding in its drawer, how will it ever meet its buttony soulmate?

as far as my life lately… i think the phrase “enlightening mess” speaks volumes for to the current state of things. i’ve been working lots, sewing little, sleeping more than i should, and thinking way too much. i just feel like so much of my life has to be decided soon! it’s scary!

mutant siamese strawberry

you know what else is scary? this mutant siamese strawberry! it’s like 3.5 strawberries all hooked together… makes me think it’s time to go organic.

mutant siamese strawberry, angle 2

there it is from the other side, so you have to believe me! this thing existed. but i ate it. in a smoothie, since i was afraid of it until it was mush.

my jewelry station

thinking ahead too much scares me. but lately, everything’s been going wonderfully. so i’m going to worry a heck of a lot less about the future, since a great deal of it isn’t in my control. instead, i’ll worry about what i can control: i’ll work hard, i’ll eat well, i’ll make beautiful things.

and i’ll actually share pictures of those beautiful things with you! instead of being the terrible blogger i’ve been lately.

happy sunday, dear readers. i hope your day is filled with blessings.

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