green means go

New Year’s Day… a day of fresh starts and new beginnings; reflections and recollections; well-laid plans and firm resolutions.

It’s a contemplative day. It’s funny, our definition of “time”, that gives us this one day where we can look back, and then forward, and then back again. This one day where we decide what changes and what stays, what we’re doing wrong and what we’re doing right.

I’m not big on resolutions in words. But it is, of course, easier to start something new when you know the rest of the world is with you. So I, too, take this change of year to decide what’s important to me and what I need to try harder at. I want to be nicer, eat better, work harder, and increase my motivation. I want to own less things but do more things. I want to spend more time with people and more time sewing and less time on the computer.

We’ll see how it all goes. It’s a new year, and it’s set to be a good one. They always are. It’s a fresh, new, shiny 2011 and it’s yours for the taking… take it well, my friends!

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