all skiied out

keystone view

Papa and Andy have just walked in the door from a long snow-filled day. Considering the lift closed at 4 and it’s 4:19 when I’ve started typing, they seem to have made the most of their lift passes today.

I woke up at 9:30 to a note on the table – the lift started up at 8:30 so Andy and my dad were long gone. I fixed breakfast for Ben and myself, then we headed out to go down a few times on our own.

The weather was far different than yesterday, with snow showers rather than sun, and low visibility. At the top of the mountain it was so snowy that it was hard to see where the hills started and stopped. The large amount of powder led to a different skiing experience than yesterday, and I’m really glad I got my practice run in last night because this would be harder for me to start right out on.

ski trees

Ben is excited because he has found the key to snowboarding: putting weight on the front foot. Apparently it’s challenging as a concept, since it doesn’t seem like the safe way to do things. But once you trust the mountain and yourself enough to know you’re not going to faceplant the whole way down, it’s the way to go.

We still stuck with our green circle routes today… we considered going down a blue on our last run but our exhaustion and the low visibility were factors that kept us going green. Ben and I made four runs down today – four runs at four miles apiece. That’s a good amount of skiing. Andy and Papa made five-and-a-half, and they even braved a blue track close to the end. Andy’s getting the hang of his board as well.

It feels good to be inside, with moccasins instead of boots, and no wind on my face. My sore legs have me stuck in a comfy chair, and my body tingles all over with sheer exhaustion.

I like skiing. Skiing is good.

We are tired.

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