fixing up shop

working hard, bouncing
from here to there, all around
my little bubble.

pink petals

I’ve got a job set up, babysitting for the summer, but since school is still in session I’m working afternoons. So I’m trying something new: independently scheduled work. I’m determined to get Fluffyland looking really nice and professional and impressive. I would like it to bring in enough money for it to count as a legitimate job… but that means I have to work really, really hard. But I’ve finally gathered all my passion, all my motivation, and I think I can do it.

pink petalsI did a ton of work on layout stuff today, changing colors and things. I want the shop to match the blog better, since I just love the bright, cheery look of the blog.

My goals so far:
· redo the layout – lighter colors, more professional looking, less kiddish
· re-write a bunch of the content pages
· make new buttons, especially the Home, Login, etc. on the top (once I get it all lighter)
· work on marketing and spreading the word

It’s difficult because not very many people even know that Fluffyland even exists. Do me a favor? Tell a few friends, post a link on your Facebook, drop me an email and I’ll send you a few business cards and stickers… I want to be known.

And if you have any feedback regarding new site design… what would make you stay at my website longer? What would make you more likely to buy something?

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