start of summer

a day for mothers
who both gave us life and
taught us how to live.

assorted colorful zippers

The second semester went so fast! All of a sudden, year one is done… wow. This semester went much better than the first; I figured out how to balance my time and how to study, and it paid off both grade-wise and sam’s-head-not-exploding-wise.

the sewing room bookshelf, all cleanI’m home now and starting the summer with high ambitions. I’m hoping to sew a lot, both creating next year’s wardrobe and getting Fluffyland fully stocked again. I’ll also be doing a handful of jobs, plenty of babysitting, and I’m hoping to teach myself some physics in preparation for next year. Then I’ve got the list of movies to watch with my brother, and the list of foods I want to learn to cook and bake. It’s set to be a full but exciting summer!

I’m still in the process of unpacking, because somehow the space vacated by my stuff has been filled again while I was gone. So I’ve been cleaning the sewing room to make space for the plethora of projects I intend to start this summer, and I can’t wait to actually have space to work in again. Creativity needs breathing room, and college dorms don’t provide much of that. I’ve gotten my corner of the sewing room to a “clean-to-me” state — meaning I’ve got too much stuff for it to actually be clean to an untrained eye, but I know where everything is.

Now I’m off to stitch up some new ipod cases and then play with some of the new tiny zippers I bought last week from zipit on Etsy. It’s set to be a fun day!

And I wish a very happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mumsy! I love you so much, thank you for everything you have taught me! And Happy Mother’s Day to all mother out there, we are so very thankful for you!

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