baking deliciousness

making life happy
with flour, sugar, and love.
baking makes me whole.

dinosaur cupcake!

I just love to make things. Anything. If I can use my hands and create something beautiful, I feel so fulfilled, so whole. I’ve been doing plenty of sculpting in ceramics, and it’s way fun. But the thing that has me going right now is baking. I love the way food naturally appeals to multiple senses; you smell it, you see it, and then you taste it and it’s amazing. I love being able to make something that tastes amazing, and looks pretty great too.

Lately, when I get sick of lab reports and chemistry tests and dream about alternate paths of life, I think of owning a bakery. It would be small, quaint, with turquoise walls and striped curtains. And I’d decorate it all myself, and make up my own recipes for pies and muffins and cookies… all things that don’t need frosting because I’m terrible at frosting with knives… but it would be so much fun.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Cute sprinkles. :)

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