oh, the ways we spend our days

new rug and new pumas!Yesterday, my mom and I went on a college shopping spree. We headed to Target to peek at the minifridge of my dreams (it has a separate freezer – for ice cream emergencies!) although we didn’t actually buy it yet. Then we stopped by the outlet mall and looked through the Pottery Barn outlet. I was hoping for some awesome sheets, but they didn’t have any in the Twin XL dorm size. However, I did find my ultra-perfect dorm-ready rug. It’s huge, 7′ x 9′, but oval, and it’s blue, pink, green, and white. The braids are made of soft, fuzzy chenille, so it couldn’t be comfier. I also scored some clearance electric blue Pumas at the Puma outlet, and that made me very excited because my other cute & comfy shoes are just about dead. So that was definitely a successful shopping trip.

We also stopped over at Jo-Ann’s, because clearance is half-price and I’m planning on running a sewing camp during the first week of August. I’m planning to teach middle-school age girls the basics of sewing, and they’ll get to make and keep a pillowcase, a tote, and a pair of pajama shorts. I picked up some great clearance flannel, and I am very excited to pass on my skills to ensure the art of sewing doesn’t die off.

funny bunny goes exploringAfter all that running around, it was nice to have a calm, relaxed day today… not much that needed to be done, but still not so little that it became boring. I took pictures of the two latest totes, and put a bunch of Butterick patterns up on Ebay. There are a few for purses/totes, one for historical blouses and costumes, and lots and lots of patterns for outfits for young girls. If you’re interested, you can see my pattern lots here. I’m hoping to just get them out of the house, since we’re trying to clean out the basement, so whatever I can get for them makes me happy.

I also made my new, restaurant-class paninis for my mom, little brother, and myself for lunch. All they are is nice, fresh, Italian bread brushed with olive oil (i mix a bit of salt in, too), filled with whatever you like, and pressed into the sandwich maker. I like mine with cheese, turkey, tomato slices, and a few spinach leaves; Andy prefers just cheese. Whatever you put inside is made exciting just because the bread is so tasty!

I haven’t done any sewing today, and haven’t even been inspired much to do so. At first I was surprised, but as I looked around the sewing room it was obvious why I am not eager to start a new project. I have lots of cleaning to do… ugh. Last night, while I was on the phone, I sewed the head and arms on this little Funny Bunny (as I call them). I’m using that as my excuse for her lopsided “hug me” position. She’s still pretty cute, though… maybe the thought of making her little dress will be enough incentive to get me to start cleaning. I also think she might need some sort of nose; however, my embroidery abilities are quite sub-par.

Whether I clean or not, I’m pretty sure it’s time to get myself out of the computer chair and onto more productive things… I hope you are all taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine and fresh breezes of the last few days!

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