floating on air

I love swings. They are fun, exciting, exhilarating; they might be considered a childish plaything but anyone can enjoy them. Especially me. ;) It’s the closest thing I’ve found to really flying, with the wind whooshing by and the weightlessness at the top… I just love it all.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon/evening with one of my best friends, Grace. She’ll be heading off to college all too soon, so I had to give her a few things: a handmade Tinkerbell-print skirt, matching socks, a mix cd, and a little charm. We decided to get ice cream and then head over to the park, where we had lots and lots of fun eating ice cream, chatting, and of course swinging. Grace is a great photographer; she took a photography class last year and everything. I wanted a few swinging pictures, so…

sam swinging

sam swinging

sam swinging

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  1. I hope she has a lot of fun at college. I like swinging too…I use it to make my legs strong.

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