all the flowers would have very extra special powers…

alice doll crocheted for me by my swap partner, stitch and stones 1 ♥   I love Disney. Disneyland, Disney movies, Disney anything.
2 ♥   I love Alice in Wonderland. The ride at Disneyland is certainly one of my favorites, and although the movie is … strange … I love it.
3 ♥   I love crafting. And I love receiving handmade things.

Therefore, we can assume that it was only natural for me to sign up for an Alice-themed swap on Craftster. Seeing as it was summer, and I figured I’d have plenty of time on my hands, it was the perfect time for my first “real” swap. I had done a simple fabric swap before, but I had never done an actual crafting swap, where there was a huge surprise as to what you’d receive. I had always worried that perhaps my partner wouldn’t like what I made them, or that I wouldn’t like what I receive. It’s difficult in the crafting world, because everyone is so creative and sees things so differently! But I got over it, and I joined.

And boy, am I glad I did! I ended up putting in a lot more hours at work than I expected, plus I have a tendency to …. not finish things that i start? So I sent out late.. but so did she. It worked.

My favorite thing that I received was this darling Alice doll, which she crocheted for me. She is perfect and adorable and basically exactly what I wanted. I can’t crochet even though I’ve tried multiple times, but I’ve always wanted some sort of crocheted stuffie. Plus, the reason I signed up for this swap is because I like Alice herself.. now I have my own miniature, huggable version! I’m so happy!

hand-knitted hat and handpainted shirt!

I also got this adorable hat (i’m sorry for the flat picture, but it looks really cute when i’m wearing it! promise!) and these are SO my colors.. pink & turquoise. Yay! And the darling pink shirt says, “all the flowers would have very extra special powers, they would sit and talk to me for hours”. I love that song, from the movie, and since I played a Daisy in our school’s version of Alice, I was very excited.

cute cute cute scarf!

I have wanted a scarf like this for ages… I just think they’re so cute. Multiple times I have seen them and thought about buying one, but something inside me never lets me buy an item that looks handmade, but isn’t. It just conflicts with all of my creative tendencies! So now I have a really cute scarf that is ACTUALLY handmade, and I can say so! :D

Now, as for what I sent off…

buttons, magnets, and glow-in-the-dark bracelets!

First of all, I sent off three classic Alice illustration magnets; three buttons + a fabric button (not pictured), featuring the Cheshire Cat’s grin (i drew it myself! be proud of me!), Alice peeking through a forest, and the Mad Tea Party; and two glow-in-the-dark bracelets, because I believe that they’ve got the funky colors and the fun-ness that Alice is all about.

playing card pouch

I made this little wristlet out of wide wale red corduroy, and took a mini playing card, made a vinyl square to cover it, and sewed around that as an applique. I then gave him red vinyl hands and a head, and drew a little face with a sharpie. (because sharpies rock.) The strap has what I believe to be a sufficiently wonderlandish ribbon, and the lining is vintage white cotton with black flowers all over. (painting the roses red?)

and, saving the best for last……..
stuffed umbrella bird from the disney movie alice in wonderland

Yeah. It’s an umbrella bird. I made him based on the ones in the Disney movie… he actually wasn’t that difficult to make. The outside of his umbrella is black suiting with pinstripes, and the lining is purple swirly fabric (reminiscent of the “druggie” aspect of alice.) His head is mad of red flannel, his beak is yellow knit, and his eyes are fleece appliquéd by hand. For his pole, I took a dowel rod and made a fabric cover out of some black fabric with multicolored stars… twinkle, twinkle, little bat.

It was a perfect swap… I loved making everything, it was almost too much fun, I got some great new ideas and inspirations for more new projects, she loved everything, and I really really really loved everything she made me! Perfect!

4 Responses

  1. Casey says:

    ohmygoodness!! you lucky, lucky girl to get all that Alice-themed loot! hehe. and that umbrella is just… I’m lost for words!! it is seriously cool and you are quite talented to have constructed something like that!! woah! :D

  2. I was just scrolling down the page, looking at the pictures, thinking how nice (and how very Wonderland-y) everything here looks — wow, that wide-wale corduroy clutch, with the playing card character on it? brilliant! — blown away with the variety and ingenuity, and that was even before the picture of your amazing umbrella bird! So very cool, when craft skill and inventiveness come together with a bit of structural engineering!

  3. Anna says:

    Your Umbrella Bird is amazing!!! You must be so proud of pulling off the construction. Great job!

  4. Chris says:

    I LOVE your umbrella bird! I have been looking for one online for my preschool class & cannot find one anywhere. I would love to buy one from you! It is so cute!!!

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