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screenshot - before screenshot - after Notice anything different?

Yep, after updating WordPress I wanted to make my theme ‘widget’-friendly, meaning I can drag and drop the stuff on the sidebar in any order I want. It was going to be a pain anyway to edit my old theme, so I decided to just go with a whole new one. This theme is called Barthelme, and it focuses on cleanliness and whitespace to help everything look more organized. I really like it! With my huge resolution (1440 x900) and the width of the main bar set on a percentage, I’ll have to try hard not to make the images too big for everyone with smaller settings. If anyone is having problems in a smaller resolution, let me know: I had to play with the widths a lot before I got it how I liked it, so it may have gone funny.

edit: thank you April for the 1024×768 screenshot.. for everyone else I’m sorry the header image is off, I’ll probably fix that sometime tomorrow, and if not, Thursday.. it’s exam week and instead of putting off even more studying for even more coding, well… I’m actually going to study now. El subjunctivo en espanol – que lastima.

double edit: just kidding. i was going to try to figure out how to center the image for everyone, but i ditched that possibly difficult idea and it should be fine now. and i like it and it still looks nice! so that’s all that matters. ♥

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  1. April says:

    Here is a screenshot of it in 1024X768:


    Its the 32em; in your css that does it:

    body div#header{
    margin:1em -2em 0 32em;

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