spring cleaning

yay shelf!

Finally, I don’t get goosebumps every time I go outside. The last few days I haven’t even needed a jacket! I love spring.. the sunshine, warmth, good-smelling breezes, and all the flowers make me happy, and inspired.

Spring cleaning is one thing I don’t love so much. But since our sewing room had turned into a total disaster, it was something that needed to be done. With two sewing machines, a serger, ironing board, a computer/printer desk, and of course all the fabric and junk.. and the room isn’t very big.

We used to have the serger on a HUGE desk that took up basically half of the room, but we moved it onto a really small desk. Then we got two 5-shelf bookcases, and now my mom and I each have one to stash our stuff. The room seems enormous now, and it’s SO much easier to get to everything I need! :)

My favorite part is the top two shelves of my bookcase.. the top one has my whale/mousie army, and underneath them is a shelf filled with all of my zipper pouches.

I hope the rest of you are inspired by the beautiful spring weather to make something new, or make something old (like this room) look beautiful again!

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