oh the whales

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I’m taking Creative Writing as my elective this year, and I’m enjoying it greatly. For the first quarter we’re studying poetry, and we’ve had poems due every 2 weeks. For the final one, I decided to finally write about sewing. It’s not that I ahdn’t thought of it as a topic, it’s always been the first to come to my mind, it’s just hard to explain sewing in terms that most people will understand. It’s also a broad topic. So I stuck to whales.

Plush whales swim down the assembly line,
Pink tummies to tails then beady little eyes.
Turn out, then stuff, and handsew shut
And they cluster with their friends on the shelf.

She proudly watches her works of love
As they smile back in their silent way,
Thanking her for creativity and cuteness
And for the fact that they are no longer flat.

But one by one they are taken away,
Like newborn puppies from a sorrowful mother.
They are separated to happy homes and still,
She misses her flock of whales.

But again the fabric is cut and shaped,
Pinned, sewn around, and turned.
The eyes are snapped on, they quickly expand
As their bellies fill with stuffing.

The cycle repeats again and again;
When one herd departs, another is born.
For hands without sewing would be sad indeed,
And a shelf without whales would get lonely.

:) still needs a title. any thoughts?

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  1. Michelle says:

    Cute poem! I really don’t have any title ideas. I suck at coming up with titles.

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