Another Dolly

First off, I’ll apologize for abandoning my blog.. I was sick, then I had lots of catch-up homework, and now the spring musical is fast approaching so I’ve been very busy. BUT there are weekends! And weekends are meant for sewing!

On Saturday I went to Jo-Ann’s and got a bunch of great fabric in the clearance section – 40% off the clearance price! It was great! Some of my stuff was $.60 a yard.. you can’t beat that! So I can’t wait to start turning it into stuff..

Then I got to work on this little dolly.. she had been sitting around naked for awhile, with her hair only somewhat sewn on, so I decided to give her some love. I finished her hair, and I’m really proud of it since it turned out great. I also made her a yellow pleated skirt, to match mine.. I’m hoping to make her a bunch of outfits :) And yes, a top to go with this.

topless dolly!

Oh, and she still needs a face.. I just love her so much I’m afraid I’ll do the face wrong somehow.. I want it to be absolutely perfect, so I have to think about it. Maybe.. freckles?

I’ll have more pictures coming soon, I promise!

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  1. Michelle says:

    If you add freckles she could be my twin! You could name her Michelle. ;)

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