wiwo wednesday: relaxing stitches

This week I’m joining Marie for wiwo wednesday (What I’m Working On). I always love to see what my favorite crafters are up to, and in-progress shots often tell an even better story than the finished product.

wiwo: it's a small world cross stitch

I’m savoring my balcony days before it gets too cold and dark. I already need to bundle under my cozy quilt if I’m going to be sitting still out there, but it’s nice to see the sun for a short while every day before it goes down so early!

I’ve been working on this It’s a Small World cross stitch for a little over a year now. Cross stitching is always a tedious process, especially since I’m not leaving any white space between squares with this design. And, of course, the fact that I’m writing the pattern myself as I go doesn’t make it any faster! But it’s always nice to have a project that allows me to sit and work on a few stitches at a time. This cross stitch has also accompanied me on a few trips! Such a nice, portable craft.

wiwo: gray pillow with orange threads

My other relaxing stitching project is a set of couch pillows inspired by a hand-detailed pillow at Crate & Barrel. I like how the tiny X’s lend just enough texture. This, too, is coming together much more slowly than I’d anticipated, but it’s still wonderful that I get to sit and stitch in the evenings.

What are you working on this week?