lovely distractions

the sky’s blueness yells,
“don’t do that homework! i made
this day beautiful!”

paisley corduroy zipper wristlet

Here is my new wristlet! I made it yesterday… I had too much creative burnout (and not enough space or supplies) for something incredibly original, but this is one of my favorite fabrics ever and I needed to make something with it.

I am absolutely enamored with printed corduroy. It’s finally feeling fallish again (my favorite season!) so I can break out my stash, or as little of my stash that I currently possess in my darling but cell-like room. This one has such a unique color combination… I love turquoise, and it’s paired with the one shade of purple that I can actually stand. I’m also determined to use more gray in my works in the future: while I’m hesitant to call it a color, gray makes everything else look more exciting. And that’s a useful job.

paisley print corduroy zipper wristlet

So I now possess another wristlet. I already have one that I use daily, but this one’s slightly bigger and can fit both my phone and camera inside. Plus, it saved me from drowning in physics and maths so it is completely necessary.

Today was the day of the most perfect weather ever; I got one of my two rolls of film for Photography shot, and took plenty of digital pictures as well. The amount of real homework I finished was… scant, to say the least. But today was sunny, with blue sky and the first hint of a ferocious fall wind. You can’t blame me. And as of right now, it was worth it.

(but just wait until tomorrow.)