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mug full of zippers

mug full of zippers

Same zippers, different picture… because they’re just too picture-perfect in that mug.

Mug is the right word for today, too; the air outside is thickening with hopes for a storm. It’s leading me down a headachy, impatient path, but once the storm is here I’ll be thrilled. We all know how much i love. storms.

Not much else to report; I’ve been suspended between a cleaning frenzy and a creative dry spell. I did, however, manage to finish off my list of may goals… depending on your definition of “livable” (i’ve started a deeper clean of my room so it’s a mess again) and your definition of “regular basis” (but this week i think i finally got my workout routine down).

The storm should be here soon… hopefully it will be powerful enough to get me off the couch.


south for the winter
and the snow won’t stop falling.
virginia, you win!

snow! out the front window

all snowed in and cozy. a day for sleeping in, eating french toast, reading, sewing, and lazing happily.

watercolor sky

cloudy, oddly warm,
sleepy, windy, art-project
kind of day today.

tassel trims

i want to make something colorful to combat (or complement) the gray skies…