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day 7: time to go

farewell, dear europe,
your pastries will be fondly
recalled in my heart.

heart-shaped danishes

indoor part of fancy german swimming pool

schlosshotel clock tower

rear view of the schlosshotel kronberg

Staying in the most awesome hotel ever also got us into the most awesome pool ever. Part of a recreation center, this pool was half indoor and half outdoor, heated and surrounded by mountains. The indoor part (in the picture) was for laps, but outside was awesome with jets on the walls and huge water sprayers that you could just sit under. There was also a small whirlpool thing that we had a good time floating around.

Then we said goodbye to darling Schlosshotel and headed to the airport, but stopped by a grocery store first to pick up some take-home goodies. Lots and lots of chocolate was procured. We grabbed our last European pastries of the trip from the bakery in the front of the store… the heart-shaped cheese danishes with strawberries were incredible.

After that it was just us being super early to the airport, then boarding the plane, saying goodnight, and flying back in time.

day 6: schlosshotel kronberg

even rapunzel
would have difficulty with
a tower this high.

little german house

Schlosshotel kronberg

Schlosshotel Kronberg out the room window

german playground

We left France and drove rapidly down the Autobahn back towards Frankfurt. For our last night in Europe, we stayed at Schlosshotel Kronberg, a castle built in 1889 and transfigured into a hotel in 1954. It was breathtaking. The grounds were beautiful, with tons of trees and a huge, phenomenal golf course. We had a room on the top floor, and I felt like a princess in a tower!

We unloaded the car and then walked the mile or so into town (Wiesbaden) to find some dinner. We ended up eating at a place called Grun Gans, which means Green Goose in German. We did not, however, eat any geese.

We walked back by an alternate route, and found a large park area with a walking path and lots of grass. Then, to my and my brothers’ delight, we found a playground! It had good swings, a treefort-like play area, and a decent zipwire. We were happy.

We walked the rest of the way to our gorgeous hotel and spent the night feeling like royalty.