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daily routine: blog reading

blog reading (day 28 of the 30 day photo challenge: daily routine)

Although it pains me to admit it, one of my favorite daily routines is catching up with all my favorite blogs. I like to think that it keeps me inspired and will make me a better blogger… but it’s also procrastination. This is definitely a habit that I must avoid once school starts!

First day of classes is tomorrow and I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve been at school! I’m not looking forward to working so hard… wish me luck!

This photo is part of oh so lovely’s 30 Day Photo Challenge. Today is Day 28: Daily Routine.

sunflare: cedar point

carrie & mike at cedar point (day 25 of the 30 day photo challenge: sunflare)

I encountered difficulty with today’s theme for the Photo Challenge: Sunflare. Typically, for a sunflare, you need sun… and I’ve just moved back to Cleveland*. We don’t get many sunny days, today included.

So I was forced to scour my photo archives until I finally stumbled upon this sunflare-blessed photo: my friends Carrie and Mike, riding the mine ride at Cedar Point nearly two years ago. I feel that cameras were meant to capture candid moments between people, and display, in a still image, a perfect conveyance of a relationship. Carrie’s expression is certainly due to the bright sun, but it’s still one that she wears frequently in Mike’s presence: a cross between irritation and amusement.

Catching these moments between people, or moments between people and their inner selves, is a topic I am considering exploring in my Independent Study photography class this semester. It’s something I haven’t practiced much, but I think it would lead to some wonderful and very expressive photos.

This photo is part of oh so lovely’s 30 Day Photo Challenge. Today is Day 25: Sunflare.

*The move explains the recent lag in photo challenge postings. I’m almost settled now, though, and I’m planning to finish the month strong!