packing, packing, packing

mental clock counts down,
erratically chiming, fast,
slow, then fast again.

box o' pouches

It’s Thursday and I’m leaving on Saturday to move in on Sunday. Whew. I’ve been gathering and organizing and shoving things into boxes all week… I’ve lost track of the days and wish time would move faster, so I could just be there (enough of this preparation stuff), but I also need to slow time down so I have time for everything else I need to do! I seem to own more stuff than anyone in the entire world… there’s just so much! And I have to make my last trips to the grocery store, the dentist, the bank, and so on. Lots running through my head; a breather would be nice.

dottie the mini whale - on sale! If you haven’t already, be sure to enter the giveaway… less than 9 hours left to enter! And I will announce the winner tomorrow morning, so get excited.

Time is also winding down on the super awesome whale sale (mousies are on sale too!)… you don’t want to miss this one!

I’ve got to get back to packing now, but have a wonderful day, and hopefully yours will be more relaxing than mine!