brad visits boston!

a very tall ship - with awesome flags

Last weekend was the best weekend. Why? Brad came to Boston for a visit!

this should be the next tall ships postcard

We explored some awesome restaurants throughout the weekend: Otto Pizza in Harvard Square was delicious, Sunset Grill & Tap has the most incredible nachos (and 112 taps!), and the Quebrada Baking Co. had croissants and danishes so perfect I don’t think I ever need to go to Europe again.

(okay, i take that back. but seriously, that place was good.)

orange vat at the harpoon brewery the plethora of taps at the harpoon brewery tour

On Saturday, we had planned to tour the Harpoon Brewery near the Boston Harbor. Coincidentally, it was also Tall Ships Weekend in Boston, when a handful of quite old and very tall ships dock at the Boston Harbor!

So we toured the brewery – I highly recommend this tour! If you’re coming to Boston and want to tour a brewery, the Harpoon Brewery is way more exciting than Sam Adams, and they’ve got some seriously delicious beers. And yes, through some great teamwork, Brad and I tried sips from every one of those taps pictured above.

Also, many of the Harpoon-branded items were a perfect orange, like that giant orange vat. That wasn’t the only reason I thought the tour was great, but it certainly didn’t hurt!

brad admiring a GIANT flag

Following the tour, we followed the sails on the horizon to the pier. The pier was buzzing with people, tourists and Bostonians alike, all excited to see and tour the ships. To see these old ships in a harbor that was flanked by tourists and t-shirt vendors was entirely surreal… they didn’t belong and yet, there they were!

this ship has a vulture instead of a mermaid... awesome

It was a great weekend of adventures in the sun: walking around the city, walking along the beach, sitting under a tree next to a pond with our pastries. We were happy and content, exploring with minimum agenda for maximum random excitement.

brad and i and our pirate friend

Also, we made friends with a pirate. Good weekend: achieved.