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may goals

I am home! May might have started a week ago but with finals, packing, and relocating I am starting the month off a bit late. But as I sit in my living room surrounded by mountains of stuff, I think it’s necessary to make a list of my goals for the month of May.

Challenge #1: keep the list to a feasible length!

· mama’s mother’s day present…
· restore room & sewing room to livable spaces!
· put together a few boy ipod cases
· learn how to cook something new
· work out on a regular basis

feasible length has been reached! now let’s do it!

sunset on lake erie - taken during a picnic where we went to the lake to sing songs to the lake about the lake

August goals

I’ve decided to participate in the Modish Biz Tips monthly goal meetup… and the point of all this is that in telling someone, hopefully you will actually accomplish some of it. I give you… my business goals for the month of August.

1. add narwhals to shop (yes, you read that right!!)
2. get all inventory photographed, labeled, and packed
3. add remaining wrist wallets to shop
4. pack stuff up to send to the Sampler

narwhals in progress

The month of August is really only half a month for me, as far as productivity goes, because I leave on the 15th to move back in at school! So of course, before I leave, I have a few other goals…

1. Pack everything
2. Clean room, sewing room
3. Finish new clothes
4. Finish some of the loads of WIPs I have lying around
5. Bake another blackberry pie

It’ll be a busy 15 days, especially including the visit to Grandma’s next week… let’s see if I can make it!