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so thankful

take the time, don’t rush…
reflect on who and what you
are lucky to have.

virginia kendall cuyahoga valley

It’s wonderful to be near my family… all of them! My mama and papa and Ben and Andy, of course, I have not seen in way too long; but I also get to see Grandmas and Grampa and aunts, uncles, cousins… I’m so lucky. I’m also lucky to have awesome Brad French, the best suitemates ever, good friends close by and far away, lots of food, a creative brain, a comfy bed, mocassins, the most beautiful coat in the world…. the list goes on and on, getting sillier and sillier, but steadily convincing me that I never have reason to be sad for long.

outta here

packin’ up and out
the door; family, food, and fun
are waiting on me!

planes in a row

To quote the Genie from Aladdin: “and weeeee’re….. outta here!”


cycled transitions
from one home to the other
muddle up one’s head.

rainy night at home